Welcome to my Website!

This is a page and it is all about that shit we don't like. You might be on this page. It's true.

1. I don't like that shit where someone thinks they're taking you to a cool coffee shop, but it's a Starbucks, and it's lame. And, the coffee shop must have delicious baked goods. Or baked people. Or goods people.

2. I hate that shit when people fish for compliments; like when a girl says, "OH EM GOSH I'M SO PHAT"

3. If it's on this website, and you sent it to me, u suck a ball. & Not in the good way!

4. I loathe it when people use stoopid words like loathe.

6. When there's a number missing from a list.

6. Or someone repeats a number. Fuck you! You can't read?!?!

I hate it when people make rtaded tpos

Let's end the hate. Here's something I do like....







and here's a sentence I love: "I HATE: This "

7. That thing where, people say the ord "like" more times than they say any other word. Words which you could say instead

7a. Balls!

7b... Balls

8. I hate it like when like people like say like, "I'm like not photogenic like at all. like seriously." and then like make like a duck-like face in like every picture likelikeliklikelikelike

That's a duck, motherfucker. A duck. QUACK

Hope the size of that picture isn't too large.



Now we must leave. SEX. THAT IS ALL. happy swallowing.